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One of the key challenges facing businesses today is how to establish and execute effective online brand protection strategies without expending valuable in-house time and resources. Novagraaf’s new Online Brand Protection services help businesses to meet that “more with less” challenge by integrating and automating monitoring and enforcement to take the pressure off in-house teams.

Via a single log-in, this unique service will enable you to rapidly and cost-effectively safeguard your valuable IP assets and protect your customers in today’s complex digital environment.

Meeting the online brand protection challenge

If brand owners are to meet the threat of online infringement, they need to be able to act quickly and proportionately, and with minimal disruption to their internal teams. That’s why Novagraaf has developed a combined online monitoring and rights enforcement solution that:

  • detects threats to a brand by type (apps, domain names, marketplaces, paid ads, social media, web content) to predefined criteria;
  • triggers pre-agreed automated workflows (takedown, cease and desist, etc) proportionate to the threat;
  • captures the infringement in a centralised online case management system (CMS) to enable reporting and pattern tracking; and
  • is fully integrated into the Novagraaf Group’s IP advisory services, so that you can benefit from additional assistance and advice, as required.

The service includes an initial survey of the online threat landscape to generate a preliminary report of your brand’s general online condition. This is used to determine the parameters of the monitoring and enforcement phases to best meet your goals and to pre-specify the necessary actions, the budget (per brand/module) and the triggers for any additional strategic activities.

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Our monitoring services comprise six modules, each designed to address threats to your brand in the different online content channels. Our enforcement services are co-ordinated and automated to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for you to take action. Based on a pre-agreed strategy, targets and budget, we will make ‘precision strikes’ on your behalf. 

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Do more with less

Supported by smart technology, our Online Brand Protection services provide instant access to predefined results, enforcement workflows and tailored attorney advice.

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