Services de gestion de portefeuille Brevets

Optimisez les processus et autres formalités administratives : un modèle de services géré de manière globale vous permettra d’adapter votre budget en fonction de la taille de votre portefeuille.

What we do

Patent search

From prior art or freedom-to-operate searching on an individual patent to patent landscaping to provide a clearer picture of innovation potential in a specific technology space, our patent experts routinely undertake specialist searches on behalf of clients, so that they can focus their R&D efforts for maximum return. Our validity searches add value to customers by identifying prior art that can be used to invalidate a third-party owned patent, or prior art that may be used to attack a customer's patent rights in the case of infringement actions.

Patent renewals

Patent annuities is a high risk industry. The annual renewal of patent rights requires both sophisticated technology and a global network of reliable agents. Novagraaf’s patent renewals services give customers peace of mind that their patent portfolios are being safely and cost-effectively maintained. Our experience and global agent network enables us to provide a competitive fixed fee structure for all patent renewals services based on the number of cases managed and the level of service you choose. It includes all portfolio management and data updating tasks associated with the renewals process. Renewals can be managed automatically, via quarterly or annual reminders, or on a case-by-case basis as required. Find out more

Patent recordals

Updating records following M&A, licences and/or pledges can be a costly and time-consuming process, placing a burden on in-house staff, particularly for global portfolios. Novagraaf's patent recordal services take the pressure off internal resources while ensuring that crucial deadlines and formalities are met. You will be provided with a single-point-of-contact who will oversee a highly qualified team of IP administrators with experience in local laws and regulations to ensure the successful completion of your project.

European Patent validation

A Europe-wide presence is necessary to validate European Patent (EP) rights in all countries that are signatory to the Convention. Novagraaf offers a complete EP validation process in all 38 countries, helping our customers to manage the administrative tasks involved in meeting validation deadline and translation requirements. As a leader in patent acquisition, management and enforcement in Europe, we can help you to effectively acquire and optimise your patent assets in the region. Find out more

Global managed IP services (MIPS)

Clients demand a service that is high quality yet lean, efficient, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective. Novagraaf’s MIPS solution – an expertly-managed service offered at highly discounted rates based on volume – is fully aligned with these aims. Clients benefit from Novagraaf’s specialist capabilities and streamlined operational processes, with the goal being to achieve savings that offset a significant portion of service costs.

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