Novagraaf selected as an expert partner by Bpifrance to support the growth of innovative SMEs and start-ups

Companies that are registered in France can benefit from an IP audit and strategic consultation, performed by one of our experts in IP protection, structuring and valorisation, and funded by Bpifrance up to 80%.

Novagraaf is proud to have been selected as an expert in IP and strategic auditing by BpiFrance. Through Bpifrance’s financing programme, eligible SMEs and start-ups can request an analysis and strategic audit of their intangible assets at a reduced cost (between 3,000 and 10,000 euros, excluding VAT). The service also includes a consultation with advice on IP protection, structuring and valuation.

What is the IP Strategy and Intangible Assets Valuation Audit?

The IP Strategy and Intangible Assets Valuation Audit (Le Diagnostic Stratégie PI et Valorisation) will help you to create and adapt an IP strategy for your company based on the value of your intangible assets (IP and technical data). It will enable your company to structure its intangible assets (patents, designs, trademarks, software, data) to monetise their value and to define the business and financial stakes for their exploitation.

How can Novagraaf help you to create and assess your IP strategy and value?

IP is an essential asset for any business, from large multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. With 130 years of experience, an international network and a global team of trademark and patent engineers, lawyers and paralegals, Novagraaf is a trusted partner for protecting, structuring and valuing innovations and brand assets. Our experience, technology and best practices in IP management allow us to provide companies with solutions and resources adapted to their needs,regardless of the sector of activity, size or geographical location of the economic players.

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