Explore our history as a business from our founding 135 years ago to the present day.

Our history


Novagraaf joins global IP service provider Questel on 1 September 2021, becoming part of the Questel group.


In January, Novagraaf acquires Thomsen Trampedach GmbH, a specialist in online brand protection and anti-counterfeiting services, as well as the setup of new gTLDs and domain name portfolio management. A new partnership with VIM Group to combine IP and branding expertise for international brand owners launches in February, followed by recognition for our trademark experts and expertise in WTR 1000.


Novagraaf joins forces with PAVIS to create NovumIP,  the new alternative global IP service provider. As a NovumIP company, our customers are able to benefit from the assistance of a united team of 380 IP specialists, including some of the world’s foremost IP attorneys and IP process experts, as well as a wider range of tech-enabled services and portfolio management tools.


Novagraaf retains its position as the EU's leading representative, with the most European trademarks under management at both EUIPO and WIPO. Our trademark practice was recommended once again by WTR 1000 and IP Stars 2019, and our patent and trademark practices were also recognised for their excellence by Leaders League. 


Novagraaf celebrates 130th anniversary and launches a new-look logo, branding and website. This is also the year we took a major step forward in our investment in client technology with the acquisition of NovumIP Platform Solutions. Novagraaf retains its position as market leader (WIPO and Benelux), and is announced as the leading representative, with the most trademarks under management, at both EUIPO and WIPO. We also expanded our presence in Belgium with the opening of a new office in Ghent.


Acting on a strategic plan: Novagraaf opens sales offices in China, Japan and the US.


Taking stock of progress: Novagraaf celebrates 125th anniversary at INTA in Dallas, Texas.


Expanding further into Europe: Novagraaf acquires Bredema Management in France. Novagraaf acquires Hillgate Patent Services in the United Kingdom.


Investment in the French market: Novagraaf acquires Cabinet Ballot, a French practice based in Paris.


Merger of Markgraaf with French company Novamark resulted in the creation of Novagraaf. Novagraaf acquires William Blanc in Switzerland.


Markgraaf acquires William A Shepherd in the UK.


Markgraaf acquires J.E. Evans-Jackson & Co. in the UK.


Name change to Markgraaf to underline international ambitions.


Opening of second office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Founding of Van der Graaf & Co. trademark department in the Netherlands.


*Number of active trademarks in the EUIPO and WIPO registers for which Novagraaf is registered as a representative.

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