Do more for less with Customised Trademark Portfolio Management

Improve budgeting and forecasting, reduce costs, free-up valuable in-house time and achieve portfolio oversight with Customised Trademark Portfolio Management by Novagraaf.

Efficient and cost-effective global trademark portfolio management requires a careful balance of in-house and external support. At Novagraaf, we understand that there is no single way to manage trademark legal advice and administrative tasks, so we tailor-make our solutions to meet your exact needs.

Customised Trademark Portfolio Management designed to suit you

Whether you prefer to retain responsibility for the entire trademark lifecycle in-house, outsource all administrative trademark tasks to third-party suppliers or take a middle 'hybrid' approach, we can provide the strategy, services, solutions and tools you need to improve budgeting and forecasting, reduce costs, free-up valuable in-house time and achieve portfolio oversight. 

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  • A single trusted digital repository of your IP assets through strategic trademark auditing and automated data verification
  • Secure access to your entire trademark portfolio at any time through our multi-user portfolio management portal
  • Advanced reporting and data-driven insights to inform decision-making and increase knowledge sharing within your organisation
  • Co-ordinated monitoring and enforcement against trademark infringement 
  • Proactive and transparent budgeting
  • Access to best-in-class IP expertise all over the world

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Discover our four-step approach 

  • Step 1 – Portfolio verification 
    With portfolio verification, you can ensure your trademark portfolio is accurate and up to date, providing the foundation you need to improve and strengthen your trademark strategy and portfolio management practices.
  • Step 2 – Strategy enhancement
    Through our multi-stakeholder approach, involving marketing, product development, sales, communications and the business as a whole, we will work with you to enhance your trademark portfolio management strategy.
  • Step 3 – Overview, insights and informed decision-making 
    Our tailor-made approach enables you to achieve informed, data-driven decisions about your trademark portfolio, reducing risk, facilitating seamless day-to-day management, saving costs and freeing up valuable in-house time.
  • Step 4 – Smart collaboration
    Our ‘smart’ collaboration approach takes the headache out of trademark portfolio management. Through improvements in portfolio oversight and strategic clarity, you will achieve better record management and realise opportunities to be proactive in your approach. By drawing on our extensive experience in trademark portfolio management, you will also benefit from timely access to effective and cost-efficient trademark portfolio services without compromising on quality.

Why work with Novagraaf

As a leading IP outsourcing services provider, Novagraaf collaborates with companies across numerous industries to deliver a strategic, purposeful and tailored approach that ensures the management of your trademark portfolio not only serves your needs but also adds value to your business. Get in touch to find out more.

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For more than 130 years, Novagraaf has been helping iconic brands and innovative organisations around the world to power their competitive advantage by delivering a connected IP perspective.

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