Not all Trademarks are Created Equal

Therefore, not all trademarks require the same level of investment or a one-size fits all strategic approach.  So how do you determine the right approach for your portfolio and ensure your most valuable trademark assets are secured?

Through Novagraaf’s comprehensive trademark portfolio audit, we apply a unique more commercially focused methodology that includes a revenue to trademark analysis allowing you to gain certainty as to where to focus precious budget and to help you make more informed filing decisions.

Novagraaf Trademark Portfolio Audit Programme

Working from your trademark portfolio export Novagraaf will:

  • Perform worldwide class consolidation review to locate any superfluous classes/marks no longer in alignment with current products and services
  • Take advantage in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia and other countries that allow, multiple class registration
  • Flag and make suggestions when strategic marks/classes do not appear to be registered in key territories
  • Crosscheck your data against worldwide trademark databases and raise any queries or issues
  • Identify and resolve any ownership issues  

At the completion of your project, Novagraaf will provide  you with a three-part fee table which includes:

  1. Recommendations for class consolidation along with associated costs and the corresponding savings on renewal fees
  2. GAP analysis showing areas of over-coverage where marks could be eliminated and under-coverage where registrations are needed
  3. A table showing the ownership issues alongside our recommendations for rectifying

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced costs for renewals via class consolidation
  • Assurance that your trademark records worldwide are accurate and in the right classes and territories
  • Reduced costs as we identify areas of over-coverage or duplicate coverage

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