Design Legal Services

Novagraaf attorneys are experts in designs and model law and will work with you to create a secure portfolio to protect the look and feel of your products.

Our patent and trademark attorneys also deliver a strong commercial focus, in addition to their expertise in national and international patent and trademark law. This enables them to provide specialist support and advice to organisations, including universities and research institutes of all sizes within a wide range of industries.

What we do

Design registration

The process of obtaining design protection in a national or overseas market can seem daunting as certain requirements need to be met. Working with Novagraaf, you have access to a team of attorneys with the legal (local and global), technical and design experience to help guide your approach, and prepare and submit your registration.

Protection & enforcement

Novagraaf will work with you to establish and protect the unique designs of your products and assist you should you need to seek legal redress against third parties that attempt to register or launch a product with an infringing design.

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