IP in M&A: Get your rights in order

A company's brand value and/or its product or innovation portfolio are key value differentiators, providing plenty of strategic reasons for merger or acquisition (M&A) activity. However, transferring and updating IP ownership is rarely a simple procedure. In this white paper, we set out common pitfalls and the key steps for success.

A well-maintained IP portfolio and, just as importantly, a well-maintained record of the IP portfolio can add significant value to a company, as well as making it an attractive proposition. From a buyer’s perspective, it can make the transition from buyer to owner a smoother ride.

In an ideal world, the IP portfolio will have been diligently maintained and recorded, and an acquired company’s IP audited and cleansed as part of the build up to the M&A activity; however, such due diligence does not always take place, whether due to time constraints or the nature of the acquisition. For that reason, IP professionals can often find themselves on the back foot when managing such transactions, with the volume and complexity of the  transfer and updating process, as well as the time, cost and resource demands of the workload, misunderstood. In this white paper, we set out specific guidance for managing IP during M&A activity, from pre-completion due diligence to managing deadlines and paper work.

Please download the white paper below for best practice guidance on managing IP following M&A.

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