Pharmaceutical case study: Helping universities to succeed

The role of the university in invention and patenting systems worldwide is increasingly important. Find out how Novagraaf assisted the University of Bordeaux and University Medical Centre of Bordeaux’s IP management organisation, SATT Aquitaine Science Transfer, to protect a new breakthrough treatment. 

Research and development outside the private sector is essential to the worldwide innovation system. The private sector simply does not invest in research at the level needed to drive innovation growth. Universities are in a unique position to capture all the benefits of innovation – better understanding of a field of study leads to new areas of investigation, training individuals for private sector jobs and knowledge sharing. In order for universities and hospitals, such as the University of Bordeaux and University Medical Centre of Bordeaux, to commercialise that knowledge, however, they need specialised support. 

Find out how Novagraaf helped them to protect a new breakthrough treatment by downloading the full case study below. 

Universities and IP – a case study

Meeting the threshold for second therapeutic use patents.

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