Patent Legal Services

At our core, we are a law firm with more than 130 years of experience providing expert legal advice to organisations of all sizes and from a variety of industries. What is unique is our approach.

Regardless of the work performed -- from technical patent search to complex patent prosecution to highly administrative tasks – we apply legal oversight to ensure your patents are legally sound, strong, protected and commercially viable.

What we do

Search analysis & opinion

By identifying conflicting patents early on in the technology development process, companies are able to reduce the risk of launching a product with features that infringe a third-party’s rights. Novagraaf’s freedom-to-operate and prior art searching services identify conflicting patent rights in the field and other potential blocks to the commercialisation of a new product, enabling companies to work around restrictions before launch.

Standard drafting & filing

To maximise coverage from patent applications, it is critical to capture inventions via clear and exact descriptions, in light both of existing prior art and relevant claims. Novagraaf’s network of attorneys are expert at drafting and filing new patent applications, advising on the appropriate right and jurisdiction, and meeting the necessary formalities and time frames.

Standard prosecution

The prosecution of patent applications can be a timely and challenging process, and requires in-depth technical expertise in the technology area. Novagraaf’s network of experts works with customers to negotiate the grant of a patent with the relevant patent offices, taking the burden off in-house teams while ensuring that the strength of the resulting patent is maintained. Our presence throughout Europe ensures we are able to file both EP and European national application in strict adherence to set timeframes and formalities, including translation, claiming priority to an earlier filed foreign or PCT application.

‘Hybrid’ drafting & prosecution

For non-core patent rights, lower-cost drafting and prosecution services provide a safe, budget alternative. Novagraaf’s hybrid prosecution service maintains quality, while reducing cost, by negotiating the grant of a patent with a patent office with the assistance of an LPO provider. The first draft is created by that provider and then checked and finessed by our in-house team, ensuring that quality is upheld.

Oppositions & enforcement

In competitive technology areas, patents are both high value and frequently the subject of attack. From pre-litigation due diligence to validity opinions, opposition management and in-litigation support, Novagraaf’s litigation management services place clients in the strongest possible position in the case of infringement action.

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