New functionality added to EasyIP for Watch clients in latest product release

By Novagraaf Team,
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Users of Novagraaf’s IP portal EasyIP now have access to a wider range of functionality, including direct access to their trademark watch alerts. Explore the new functionality or discover why you should sign up for this free IP management software in our latest product release.

The next time you log in to EasyIP, you will see some changes to functionality if you are a client of our trademark watch service. The trademark watch module has been significantly upgraded to provide greater insights while making it easier to use. 

In particular, EasyIP users can now benefit from greater insight and data-sharing capabilities, including the option to quickly view, filter and download the history of a reported mark, and the ability to rapidly download or email watch notices to internal stakeholders without requiring them to log in to the system to view the complete watch report. In addition, new filtering and highlight functions have been added, and text and design elements have been consolidated to make the platform more intuitive for users.

Discover the key changes

  • Watching status*: New watch notices can be found under ‘ready for review’, while sent and archived notices are now called ‘reviewed with action’ and ‘reviewed without action’ respectively. Users now also have the option to put watch notices ‘on hold’ for later review. Please be aware that the system will not archive ‘on hold’ notices automatically when the opposition deadline has passed (see visual).
  • Advanced filtering: Using the left-hand menu, users can now filter results by applicant, owner and IP family to quickly access relevant results and speed up the review process (see visual).
  • Advanced searching: Immediately highlight text in the applicant field by searching for specific text in watch notices (see visual). 
  • Additional insights to inform decision-making: Quickly discover the history of a reported mark, using our new history icon. It opens a pop-up window detailing previous decisions, including all watch hits on the same reported mark with identical applicants. Data can be filtered and exported as required (see visual).
  • Export data: Watch results can be quickly downloaded or shared by email in PDF or Excel format. For exports by email, EasyIP will download a .msg file that contains the relevant data as an attachment. The attachments will include direct links to the relevant watch notice documents (simply click the title of the reported mark) so that clients can share key data with internal stakeholders without the need for them to log in to EasyIP (see visual).  
  • Email alerts: Finally, our watch notice templates have been consolidated, so the EasyIP email templates now match the alerts sent from E-Watch and E-Services (see visual).

*EasyIP Watching services are currently not available in France or Switzerland.

Have you signed up yet?

EasyIP does not only provide Novagraaf clients with instant access to their IP portfolio’s status, geographical and market coverage, and pending tasks. By enabling users to manage their trademark, design, domain name and patent portfolios via a single and secure login, it can help to improve productivity, inform budgets and strategy, and deliver speed in decision-making. 

Novagraaf’s IP management portal EasyIP is offered free of charge to clients. Register today for a product demo to find out more.

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