An Intra-National Trademark Taskforce

Introducing Novagraaf’s Intra-National Trademark Taskforce, providing legal and consulting trademark, domain and design services. With collaborating offices in the EU, Switzerland and the UK, Novagraaf is in a unique position to be able to offer a tailored pan-European trademark taskforce. The EU, Switzerland and the UK are important markets for many IP owners and Novagraaf’s Intra-National Trademark Taskforce is designed to provide clients with a tailored service which gives clients the opportunity to realise time, cost and strategic efficiencies.

Our collaborative taskforce is:

  1. Focused on providing services in the EU, Switzerland and the UK
  2. A dedicated team which can be scaled up or down as needed, offering tailored services and flexibility in the way we work with clients
  3. Competitively and comprehensively priced to allow clients to cherry-pick or bundle services as needed

Contact us today quoting the voucher code INTRANATIONALOFFER to realise the following benefits:

  • A one-stop-shop pan-European trademark partner
  • Better risk management and strategic alignment resulting from working with a cross-country taskforce rather than working with separate advisors in each jurisdiction
  • Financial efficiency from the purchasing power of the taskforce and the option to bundle services
  • Time savings with efficient communication options and streamlined administrative processes

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The ways we work together

Thanks to our collaborative culture and tech-enabled solutions, Novagraaf’s taskforce can offer a variety of ways of working which are tailored and adapted to meet the needs of our client.

The options available include the following:

Single point of contact

If you would prefer to have a single point of contact, you will be given a dedicated account manager from the taskforce. This account manager will be responsible for coordinating the efforts behind the scenes to enable the taskforce to provide aligned, efficient and streamlined services in each of the countries of interest, whilst allowing you to have a single point of contact for instructions, queries and invoicing.

Shared point of contact

If you would prefer to work more directly with each jurisdiction but still with the benefit of a single point of contact for administrative purposes, we can centralise the management with one office while opening up the channels of communication so you can correspond with taskforce members from the other offices, whilst still maintaining a single source for your records and invoicing.

Separate points of contact

If you prefer the more traditional model of working individually with each jurisdiction, you will be given a separate point of contact in each jurisdiction. With your permission, we can nevertheless ensure there is transparency between the jurisdictions and regular strategic alignment so that each office within the taskforce knows not only the actions and strategic considerations for their own jurisdiction but also those of the other members of the taskforce.

Client case study

The taskforce currently works for a global food manufacturer and utilises the Shared Point of Contact model set out above, with a particular focus on the EU and the UK. All records and administration on the account is managed from Belgium, but the client also corresponds directly with taskforce members based in the UK. The taskforce regularly discusses the strategic and commercial considerations to ensure there is alignment between the jurisdictions. The client benefits from direct and quick jurisdiction-specific advice, without the administrative burden of having the portfolio records split and without having to deal with multiple and separate suppliers.

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As a leading IP outsourcing services provider, Novagraaf collaborates with companies across numerous industries to deliver a strategic, purposeful and tailored approach that ensures the management of your trademark portfolio not only serves your needs but also adds value to your business. Get in touch quoting the voucher code INTRANATIONALOFFER to find out more.

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