Trademark & Domain Name Legal Services

It takes time, energy and money to create a new product or service brand, yet many still overlook the need to register brand assets and put in place a strategy to protect them from infringement.

Novagraaf advises its clients throughout the entire cycle of brand protection, from trademark and domain name development and registration to protection and enforcement. Whether you’re in the early stages of brand creation, or are looking to refresh and renew the intellectual property you’ve built around your brands, our trademark attorneys are available to provide commercially focused and legally sound support to your business.

What we do


Customised Trademark Portfolio Management

Improve budgeting and forecasting, reduce costs, free-up valuable in-house time and achieve portfolio oversight with Customised Trademark Portfolio Management by Novagraaf. 

Trademark filing & registration

To obtain a trademark, chosen brands, trade names, logos and slogans need to fulfill a number of conditions of registration. Novagraaf’s global network of specialists manages the formal requirements of trademark application processes to secure registrations in your chosen markets and classes. We will work with you determine which jurisdictions to file in and the best route for protection according to your market presence and budget. As part of the trademark registration process, Novagraaf can also facilitate a trademark search prior to any new application.

Trademark watching & dispute resolution

From oppositions to litigation, Novagraaf's global network of attorneys and agents specialise in managing and overcoming challenges to trademark applications and established rights. The earlier a potential trademark infringement or misuse is identified, the easier it is for companies to enforce their trademark rights. Our experts monitor new applications for infringement, ensuring oppositions against third-party trademark applications are filed and prosecuted in a timely manner. We also work with companies to develop a strategy to act against IP infringement and to respond against infringement actions by third parties, ensuring that any action taken is cost-effective and proportionate to the threat. This includes settlement, arbitration, mediation or litigation management, as appropriate.

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Brand protection & enforcement

The registration of a trademark right is only the first step in a longer process of protection and enforcement. Novagraaf works hand-in-hand with clients to examine the validity of your trademarks, assess the trademark infringement or passing-off claim in light of that examination, and provide advice and assistance on possible defense, settlement or negotiation strategies.

Domain name registration & monitoring

Corporate and brand domain name registrations are crucial for businesses in all markets, whether they sell to businesses or consumers. Our domain name department manages registrations & monitoring domain-by-domain or in bulk to ensure rapid and cost-effective results.

Trademark licensing & franchising

Licensing can enable companies to expand their brands into new markets or territories via partnership with a third party; however, there are risks inherent in the process. Novagraaf advises businesses on IP licensing from establishing and implementing licensing strategies to drafting contracts and adapting them to national legislation, including managing conflicts between partners.

Acquisitions and divestitures

Non-core trademark rights can often sit in portfolios unused and unexploited. Novagraaf assists companies to leverage the value of their IP assets and monetise those rights through sale/disposal or assignment, maximising sale value while preparing formalities for transfer.

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