Webinar: Smart IP



Wednesday 1 June 2022


2pm CEST / 1pm BST

Technology has brought some incredible shifts in how rights holders can manage and enforce their IP. This session will examine some of those 'smart'  technological solutions to IP issues - as well as 'smart' strategy when it comes to filing, managing and enforcing trademarks.

In this webinar hosted by Mondaq, our panel of experts will explore how private practice or in-house attorneys, in conjunction with smart tech and AI, can produce really smart, time and cost efficient IP enforcement strategies. Such smart strategies can also effectively mitigate legal and negative PR risks.

Join Novagraaf's Luke Portnow (UK Trademark Attorney) and Thomsen Trampedach's Markus Rouvinen (IP Lawyer) as they walk through useful take-home points and experiences on implementing smart solutions to current IP challenges in private practice and in-house.

Register for the webinar here.

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